Thinking about going green but not sure how to make your home eco-friendly? Well, we’re here to help. Making your house eco-friendly doesn’t have to be a huge, expensive project. In fact, there are lots of small things you can do that will have a big impact on the eco-friendliness of your home. These tips are simple and affordable ways to make your home more environmentally friendly. With just a few adjustments, you can cut your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Here are some easy ways you can make your house as eco-friendly as possible.



Install a Programmable Thermostat


A programmable thermostat can help you reduce your energy costs. Plus, they also help to reduce your carbon emissions. They do this by automatically adjusting the temperature in your house based on when you’re home and when you aren’t. If you have pets, you can even set up special pet modes so they aren’t too cold or hot. A lot of people think that eco-friendly living is expensive, but the truth is, you can make small changes that will save you a lot of money. A programmable thermostat is a great example, because it can save you money year-round. To install a programmable thermostat, you will need to hire an HVAC contractor. They will be able to make sure that it’s installed properly and safely.


Switch to LED Lighting

LED light bulbs are a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional incandescent lighting. They use much less energy and last much longer. They are a bit more expensive than standard lights, but you’ll save money on your electricity bill in the long run. Plus, you can use tax credits and energy-saving rebates to help cover the costs. If you have incandescent light bulbs in your house, be sure to replace them with LED lights as soon as possible. You can also look into installing dimmer switches so you can use the lights more creatively. If you have outdoor lights, replace them with LED bulbs too. They will help reduce insect (and therefore, bird) populations.


Add Interior and Exterior Shade


Shades on windows both inside and out are a great way to keep the heat outside and light inside. Shades can help to reduce your cooling costs on hot summer days and your heating costs on cold winter nights. Plus, they also help to reduce the amount of energy your house uses. Shade is a simple and cheap way to make your home more eco-friendly. You can buy shades or make your own with some woven fabric.


Go Green With Your Appliances Appliances


are one of the biggest energy-suckers in your home. But if you want to be eco-friendly, you can’t just get rid of them. Instead, you should look for Energy Star appliances. These appliances are designed to use less energy and therefore, pollute less. In addition to being environmentally friendly, Energy Star appliances are also usually more affordable than their non-energy-efficient counterparts. You can even take advantage of government rebates and tax credits to help cover the costs of going green with your appliances. Incandescent light bulbs are not the only products that need to be replaced. If you have any older appliances in your home, it is worth the effort to replace them with more energy-efficient models.


Natural Solutions for eco-friendly living


Natural solutions for an eco-friendly living are easy and can make a big difference in your carbon footprint. To start, you can switch to organic produce. Organic produce doesn’t have harmful pesticides. Buying organic will reduce the number of harmful pesticides in your home. Another easy eco-friendly tip is to use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. You can also use organic cleaning products or switch to homemade cleaners. All of these things will reduce the number of chemicals in your house and therefore, your carbon footprint.


Shell Out a Little More for Eco-Friendly Materials


Materials like roofing, siding, and flooring are important parts of your house. They will last longer if you choose eco-friendly alternatives like cedar shingles and bamboo flooring. Other materials like vinyl siding are also eco-friendly. Eco-friendly materials are often more expensive than standard materials, but they pay for themselves over time. Plus, many governments and utility companies offer rebates if you use eco-friendly materials. Some eco-friendly materials are more affordable than others.


Don’t forget the windows!


Windows are a key feature in any house. If you’re going eco-friendly, don’t forget about the windows! You can install windows with low-E coatings. These windows help reduce your heating and cooling costs. They trap less heat and let in less light, so they reduce your cooling costs. And they reflect more sunlight, so they reduce the amount of heat your house traps. The best part is that you can enjoy all these benefits without reducing your view. So, if you’re going all-in on eco-friendly living, don’t forget about your windows.




You don’t have to make dramatic changes to your life to live more eco-friendly. These small adjustments can make a big difference. You don’t have to go out and spend a bunch of money on eco-friendly equipment either. Instead, you can use what you already have and add a few small eco-friendly touches. If you want to live a greener lifestyle, it is possible to do so without making drastic changes. By making small changes to your home, you can reduce your carbon footprint while saving money. From replacing lights with LED bulbs to using eco-friendly materials, there are lots of ways to go green.

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