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Are you looking to remove old, worn-out carpets in Glasgow ? Our professional carpet removal services are here to help. Whether you’re renovating your home or updating your office, we provide efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly carpet removal solutions tailored to your needs.



SEPA permits us to collect all types of trash and waste.


Many garbage removal services offer same-day scheduling or appointments at a time that suits you best.


We have the highest number of reviews for a SEPA registered business can be found on Google

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Our Services Include

At Dumpit Scotland we are committed to environmentally responsible practices, including carpet recycling in Scotland. Instead of sending old carpets to landfill, we ensure they are recycled and repurposed, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

The Importance of Carpet Recycling

  • Eco-Friendly Disposal: Recycling carpets helps conserve natural resources and reduces landfill waste.
  • Sustainable Practices: We work with recycling facilities that transform old carpets into new materials, supporting a circular economy.
  • Community Benefits: By recycling, we contribute to cleaner and healthier communities.

Our Carpet Recycling Process

  1. Assessment: We evaluate the condition and material of the carpet.
  2. Removal: Our team carefully removes the carpet, ensuring no damage to your property.
  3. Sorting and Transport: Carpets are sorted and transported to recycling facilities.
  4. Recycling: The carpets are processed and converted into new products.

Dumpit Scotland Values


Our family-run business provides high-quality rubbish clearing services with a personal touch. We work closely with our clients.


15 Years Of Experience

We have been offering rubbish clearance services for 15 years now, and this has offered us invaluable experience. .


SEPA Registered

Our licensed waste carrier ensures that all your rubbish is collected and handled responsibly. As well as an invoice, you will receive a duty of care waste transfer note.


Fully Insured

We are fully insured, licensed, and have highly trained, friendly, and courteous teams.



All of our services are anchored on the concept of eco-friendliness. The garbage we collect is not disposed of with harmful chemicals, nor is toxic material disposed of carelessly


Clear Communication

Contacting us is easy. No matter how you contact us, whether by phone, email, WhatsApp, or Facebook, you can expect a prompt response. We'll keep you updated throughout the collection process, and you'll receive an invoice via email within 24 hours.


Handling in a Discrete & Secure Manner

If you're disposing of personal items or looking to recycle more delicate items, we understand that you value and require total discretion. With full confidentiality and no questions asked, we provide end-to-end pick up and disposal